Growth drivers

Oriflame’s business model has proven its resilience, sustainability and validity for more than 45 years – in emerging, as well as mature, markets. The key drivers, such as being your own boss, setting your own goals, the low barriers of entry and exit, the lack of discrimination regardless of one’s sex, ethnicity, age, education, physical condition or financial resources, are all in line with a growing population of entrepreneurs that is less dependent on secure employments.

Although the reasons for joining may vary among the many sales consultants in the more than 60 countries where Oriflame is represented, most of them agree that Oriflame offers attractive financial rewards as well as social benefits, i.e. the possibility to look great, make money and have fun. Some join as a way of supporting their family, while building a business and fulfilling a career dream. Others see it as a way to achieve a more flexible life or make extra money while studying, being in between jobs or simply extending one’s social life.

Consultants also join in order to save money through discounted purchases of cosmetics and personal care, by enjoying a discount valid for themselves and their families. The flexibility of the system means that consultants decide for themselves what they want to achieve by joining Oriflame. An additional important growth driver for consumers is the growing demand of cosmetics and toiletries products world-wide.