Oriflame Cosmetics - Direct Selling in Oriflame
Direct Selling in Oriflame

Direct Selling in Oriflame

As one of our Consultants you can choose to save money on the beauty products you buy for yourself and your family, earn money on your own sales or invite others to join your team and earn money on the total group sales.
Many of our Consultants have made a successful full time career as a Consultant while others choose to sell our products in their spare time in order to earn an extra income. Whichever you prefer this is what you can expect from Oriflame:
When you join Oriflame you will have a more experienced consultant as a coach to guide and assist you. This person will give you advice and answer any questions you may have regarding both products and business orientated matters in the beginning. You will also have the opportunity to participate in various training sessions.
Sales support material and tools
Every third week you will receive a new catalogue with great offers to support your sales process. In addition to the catalogue you will have access to different guides, online campaigns and other sales material and management tools to support you in your work.
In addition to the earnings on your own and your group sales, we also offer cash bonuses and different incentive programs to consultants who reach specific targets each year. As your business is growing you will get the opportunity to go on international trips and participate in high profile conferences together with other Oriflame Consultants. 

Money back guarantee
We have a 100 per cent money back guarantee on all our products. If you change your mind regarding a purchase or are not satisfied with a product, you are always welcome to return it to us.



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