The Oriflame Code of Ethics

The Code of Ethics has been designed to ensure that all our Oriflame Consultants maintain high standards and to guide and support our Consultants in the job they do.
"As an Oriflame Consultant, I agree to conduct my Oriflame business according to the following principles:

  1. I will uphold and follow the Rules as laid out in this official Oriflame Policy Manual and other Oriflame literature.  I will observe not only “the letter” but also “the spirit” of the Rules.

  2. My guiding principle for doing business with anyone I meet in my capacity as an Oriflame Consultant is to treat them as fairly as I would like to be treated myself.  

  3. I will present the Oriflame products, the Oriflame earning opportunities, the related trainings and the other opportunities and benefits offered by Oriflame to my customers and Consultants in an honest and truthful manner. I will give all requested information, including answering any questions from consumers, regarding the Oriflame products and the Oriflame offer. 

  4. Whether verbal or in writing, I will make only such claims related to the product, the earnings and the other opportunities that are mentioned in the official Oriflame literature.  I will not use misleading, deceptive nor unfair recruiting or sales practices. 

  5. I will be courteous and prompt in servicing and taking orders from my customers, as well as in the handling of complaints. I will follow the procedures outlined in the official Oriflame literature for replacement of products.
  6. I will accept and carry out the different prescribed responsibilities of an Oriflame Consultant (and those of a Sponsor and Director (and above) when I progress to those levels of responsibility) as laid out in the official Oriflame Literature.

  7. I will conduct myself in such a manner as to reflect only the highest standards of integrity, honesty and responsibility.

  8. I shall not in any circumstances use the Oriflame network for marketing other products than those approved by Oriflame. I shall respect the direct-to consumer method of distribution and therefore not sell through any retail outlets of any nature.

  9. I will respect the laws and regulations of the country where I conduct my Oriflame business and of my host countries if building an international group."


Oriflame Consultants shall adhere to the Consultant Code of Ethics presented in this page. In addition to their adherence to the Oriflame Code of Ethics, Oriflame Consultants are subject to the Consultant Rules of Conduct. Such rules may include country-specific provisions and are subsequently available to Oriflame Consultants and prospective consultants at our local entities.  

- “Oriflame Policy Manual”: it is a composite document, which includes the Oriflame Code of Ethics, the Consultant Rules of Conduct and some appendices connected to the online activity of Oriflame Consultants. 

- “Rules”: designates the Consultants Rules of Conduct, available to Oriflame Consultants and prospective consultants at our local entities.