Bioclinic – Oriflame’s first high performance cosmeceutical range

Offers serious solutions to serious skin problems

Oriflame is proud to present its first cosmeceutical range - Bioclinic.
Inspired by aesthetic medicine, this exclusive, premium range captures the best of advanced science to free skin from common skin problems such as reduced elasticity or dilated capillaries.

A team of leading scientists specialising in skin biology have harnessed the most powerful active ingredients to develop the range. The result is a clinically proven effective and powerful formula that leads to flawless, healthy skin.

The first two treatments to be launched are Bioclinic Lifting Power Concentrate Day and Bioclinic Lifting Super Rich Repair Night which calm signs of inflammation on a cellular level and reinforce the skin’s own defenses.

Precisely targeting the skin’s elasticity, the concentrated formula helps to lift the skin, preventing it from sagging whilst also giving 24 hour protection. The formula is enhanced with unique Cell-Innov™ technology featuring the powerful ingredient Retinol, tightening the skin for a firmer appearance whilst also reducing wrinkles and regenerating skins cells.


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