Wellness by Oriflame

Together with leading Swedish scientists and nutritional experts, we’ve developed Wellness by Oriflame to bring you beauty from within. Nutrients are as important as traditional beauty products for maintaining skin beauty and counteracting the ageing process as well as supporting general health. Wellness by Oriflame respect the body’s natural balance and work in enhancing its natural functions, making you look and feel great.

Natural Balance Shake
The Natural Balance Shake is the result of more than 8 years of extensive research in Sweden focused on improving patients’ recoveries after lung or heart transplants. The natural ingredients in the shake are in optimal balance and have proven beneficial to everyone. It offers a simple and safe way to help reduce sugar cravings, supports healthy weight loss and provides sustained energy.

WellnessPack woman
WellnessPack woman works beneath the skin’s surface, where the first signs of ageing appear, to smoothen and moisturize the skin from within. Apart from a unique and powerful antioxidant-astaxanthin derived from the Swedish archipelago it also provides essential vitamins and minerals fortified with folic acid, iron and calcium to meet women’s specific daily need as well as Omega 3 fatty acids to support brain function and cardiovascular health.

WellnessPack man
WellnessPack man contains astaxanthin, a powerful antioxidant derived from Swedish archipelago algae that, in clinical trials, shows significantly improved muscle performance and endurance, as well improves skin appearance. It also provides essential vitamins and minerals, such as selenium and magnesium to further enhance health and performance and essential Omega 3 fatty acids to support brain function and cardiovascular health.

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