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Oriflame has over 45 years experience in producing beauty products, combining the best natural ingredients with the latest scientific research. Our accumulated knowledge and experience has been gathered into one dedicated Research & Development team which is in two locations, Dublin, Ireland and Stockholm, Sweden.

All together, our Research & Development function employs over a hundred scientists and technical experts, covering many scientific disciplines including formulation science, skin research, clinical testing, process development, packaging technology, microbiology, toxicology, environmental science, patent support, and global regulatory affairs.

In Dublin, the focus is on product development. Our experts develop and clinically test high performance formulations, while providing technical support in the areas of regulatory affairs, product safety and industrialisation. These projects are short to medium term (1 to 3 years), delivering technology and innovative new products into the skin care, colour, fragrance and personal care categories.

In Stockholm, our experts work on skin research projects aimed at generating Oriflame’s next unique technologies primarily for our high value skin care category.  These projects are at a cellular/biological level, and are longer term (3 to 7 years).


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