Organising for Improvement

To make sure our sustainability strategy is successful, we need to give it the same kind of attention, respect and level of organisation as our other business strategies. That is why our Chief Executive Officer and the Board of Directors oversee the sustainability strategy.

A global sustainability team is responsible for developing global targets, supporting the organisation by identifying responsibilities, helping to set goals and targets and monitoring and reporting progress externally. The Vice President Sustainability is part of the Group Management.

However, because of the collaborative nature of our business and the entrepreneurial people we employ, we have structured the strategy so that the responsibility of fulfilling its commitments is spread right across our business.

We have taken several steps to make sure this responsibility is felt and acted upon:

  • We are integrating sustainability goals into performance targets of Senior Managers (and lower levels when appropriate).
  • We have a section dedicated to sustainability in our internal education program – the Oriflame Academy.
  • We provide ongoing training in specific areas of sustainability to those who require it.
  • We communicate with employees about sustainability through our intranet and other channels. During 2014 we launched an e-learning to all employees globally, which gives a basic introduction to sustainability and what it means to our business.
  • We are also working on more ways to engage both our employees and our 3 million Consultants around sustainability issues.