The #1 Company for people who act on their dreams

We want the dreams and desires of our 6,230 employees globally to be at the heart of their careers and professional growth. We believe that when Oriflame plays a key on that journey, our employees are passionate in their work. The value they bring to the company becomes personal and performing at one’s best comes naturally. It demands a lot of Oriflame as an employer, but equally so on our employees. We expect that everyone should make active choices in their working life, drive the ideas they believe in, wanting to contribute to our joint mission. In short, we want people who are not afraid to speak up and act on their dreams.
In 2017, Oriflame globally made a shift from defining itself in traditional HR terms and thinking, and started putting the experience of our employees at the center of our operations. The vision for the employee experience in Oriflame moving forward is to be “The #1 Company for people who act on their dreams.”

Find the best

We have a special culture in Oriflame, based on the values of Togetherness, Spirit and Passion. Our culture remains at the pillar of our talent attraction and talent development work. Oriflame offers a range of attractive international internships, which provide young individuals an opportunity to start their careers with us. In addition, a number of opportunities are offered to young professionals through our Global Future Manager program, Oriflame ́s trainee program for future leaders. The ultimate goal of the program is to find the future Managing Directors for the countries where we operate. The trainees get a unique chance to reach a senior management position and experience Oriflame in many of our fast-growing markets. In 2017, Oriflame saw an increased recruitment internally to the program, a development we truly want to continue.

Support our people’s desire to grow

Oriflame must strengthen our people’s own desire to grow and provide equal opportunities and paths to harvest it. In 2017 we continued to develop our Integrated Performance Management (IPM) program to ensure clearly established goals, individual development and to improve our organisational performance. It also gives the employee an opportunity to give feedback to both the manager, the department and the company. We believe transparency and ongoing feedback is essential, and the IPM process is a tool to help us achieve this. In 2017 the IPM template was simplified and its defined capabilities were reviewed and aligned to the Oriflame culture and values. This year all the employees got the annual monetary appraisal based on their 2017 individual and team performance, as well as shown capabilities, supported and followed up within the IPM process. We will continue to work with the IPM improvements in 2018.

We have also evaluated and are ready to invest in new learning platforms, specifically through LinkedIn Learning, that captures the modern way of individual learning path and knowledge on demand. LinkedIn now offers one of the web’s biggest platforms for promoted e-courses on whatever you need, whenever you want it, through any smart device or computer. With a platform like this in place to support the development of the skills that are less unique to Oriflame, we can focus on those skills that actually are. Oriflame’s aim is to offer our employees a mix of classroom-based trainings in combination with other on-the-job learning opportunities. In 2017 we focused globally on development of Oriflame’s learning framework; a strategic plan for the next couple of years in the area of employees’ learning and development. Furthermore, a huge number of initiatives were implemented on the regional and market levels through the external trainings and internal sharing sessions, individual coaching and Oriflame’s customised educational programs.

Strengthen our Employee Community

In our Employee Experience work we put a big focus on how we communicate internally and involve employees into our culture, making us a true global community. As 2017 marked the 50th anniversary of our company, all our employees around the world got together. Through a webcasted corporate party, we celebrated for record long 25 hours across all our offices around the globe. This is a great example of the kind of Togetherness, Spirit and Passion we want to promote in everything we do.

Measuring the experience of our people

In 2017 the concept of Employee NPS was developed. The concept is an internal tool for measuring our work with employee experience. The survey enables permanent feedback from employees about their experiences and impressions from working in the company, their readiness to recommend Oriflame as an attractive place to work and suggestions for possible improvements. The Employee NPS is designed quarterly and will be launched in Q1 2018 as a pilot project in two of our regions. Although missing out on the kind of industry benchmark made available through a more traditional engagement survey, we believe there is a great need for a faster approach to the way we deliver and improve the experience of our employees.

Delivering on diversity

We have seen over and over again that a mix of gender, nationality and cultures leads to the creation of better perspectives, ideas and products. Oriflame is present in more than 60 markets around the world and in recruiting, we aspire to reflect the global audience we serve. Overall, more than 75 nationalities are represented in our global workforce and as an example on the kind of global diversity we offer, more than 40 nationalities were represented at our Global Support Office in Stockholm.
In the workforce as a whole we have a good gender balance. In 2017, women represented 43% of the global management team, the Company’s top 120 managers. The Group Management consisted of 1 women and 6 men in 2017. We continue to work with gender balance at all levels of the organisation. We are taking steps to increase representation of women in management positions through our Diversity and Equal Opportunities policy. In 2017 we have initiated a quarterly Diversity scoreboard to closely follow our progress.

Gender diversity in total workforce

Gender characteristics in total workforce

Protecting health and safety

We have the duty to protect our employees by identifying, assessing and mitigating health and safety related risks, as well as improving the quality of the workplace and working conditions. We work to put in place appropriate measures to ensure that our colleagues return home in good health, safely and satisfied.
Our approach to Health and Safety was reshaped and a dedicated function was created at Group level. It aims at establishing a harmonised framework of processes, growing a global health and safety awareness and culture and at supporting operations in assessing and controlling health and safety risks. During 2017, there were no fatalities at any of our sites.
At manufacturing sites globally, there were 4.5 occupational injuries per million hours worked leading to 3.12 days lost per million hours worked. The general absenteeism rate (covering all types of unplanned absences and per 8-hours work-days) was 6.2%. For the rest of our sites, there were 3.4 occupational injuries per million working hours leading to 0.5 days lost per million hours worked. The general absenteeism rate was 1.9%*.

We report and record every accident at all our sites. Accidents are investigated and followed-up with the aim to identify root causes, and consequently corrective actions are implemented to prevent future incidents. On a global level, we gather and monitor incident and accident data from our sites, and analyse results to help us implement any necessary improvements or preventive measures.
At our major sites we have established health and safety committees representing the total workforce. Meetings usually take place at least four times a year, depending on the location, and involve representatives from the workers and health and safety authorities.
* Data covering 97% of Oriflame entities globally.

Oriflame Health and Safety Policy.