The Oriflame Foundation

Oriflame Foundation aims to empower children and young women by providing opportunities for them to change their lives for the better.


Our role as an aspiring socially sustainable company allows us to create a lot of positive change across our value chain. But we want to reach further than our own area of influence. That is why we have the Oriflame Foundation – it is our way to create long-term value for the people we do not connect with through our business, specifically children and young women.

Highlights from the Foundation’s charitable work:

  • The amount of money raised in accordance with the strategy and concept developed by the Oriflame Foundation reached more than €1 million in 2017. Since 2009 the total amount raised is more than €9 million.
  • In 2017, 49 of our markets and three of our factories were involved in charitable activities.
  • Through our Volunteer Guide we are working to increase the number of Oriflame volunteers and currently 14 markets have volunteering programs in place, which is an increase compared to last year.
  • During 2017 the World Childhood Foundation and SOS Children’s Villages have been our preferred global NGO partners.

Why we introduced the Oriflame Foundation

Oriflame has always supported charitable causes, but we decided we would make a bigger impact if we combined all our efforts under one umbrella – the Oriflame Foundation, established as an independent Foundation.

The Foundation allows us to make long-term charity commitments and partnerships, and measure the quantity, quality and overall impact of our investment. It also means we can reinforce our brand image and reputation as a socially responsible company, and attract more talented and value-driven employees and Consultants.

How the Foundation works

From the beginning, Oriflame has strived to support NGOs and charity organisations around the world. These include the World Childhood Foundation, founded by H.M. Queen Silvia of Sweden and co-founded by Oriflame and the Af Jochnick Foundation. The Oriflame Foundation also provides grants to projects that have been selected or initiated by local market teams, and/or makes donations to projects that Consultants are fundraising for.

But there are many other ways people across our business can contribute to the work of the Foundation. For example, employees are actively encouraged to become involved with their local projects and in fundraising activities, or they can support local charities by volunteering their time. We also develop accessories and products that we sell specifically to raise funds. Markets are also encouraged to raise additional funds through fun, creative and innovative activities, for example through galas, sponsored walks and raffles.