Goal 4: Respect the Human Rights of Those Touched by our Operations


Educate our employees on our business responsibility to respect human rights. Train the global management team (top 200 managers) by 2018.

Selected workshops and trainings for smaller teams took place and will continue throughout 2018.


Respect human rights by continuing implementation of UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights through our due diligence process and integrating human rights into Oriflame’s policies, procedures and culture.

Actions to address Oriflame’s most salient human right impacts continued with the gradual roll-out of the human rights commitment across relevant parts of the organisation. Key focus areas included our supply chain impacts, and health and safety.


Continue implementation of the Oriflame Global Supplier Evaluation Program.

The roll-out of the five step Supplier Evaluation program continued. Our Supplier Self-Assessment Tool has been further rolled out to global suppliers, suppliers representing 97% of our Finished Goods suppliers, currently use the tool. For our high-risk suppliers, mainly located in India and China, we conducted sustainability audits during the year covering 20% of our suppliers located in those countries, covering both direct and second tier suppliers. The categories audited include cosmetics, wellness, packaging and accessories suppliers.