Goal 11: Reduce Emissions to Air


Reduce GHG emissions from global Oriflame operations by 50% by 2020.
The goal is based on emissions relative to sales from 2010 as our base year. Since 2010, relative emissions have decreased by 18% and absolute emissions by 24%.

Reduce GHG emissions from stationary fuel and energy in factories by 15% by 2020.

Since 2015 the relative GHG emissions (tCO2e/million units produced) decreased by 15%*.

Reduce CO2 emissions from factories by 15% by 2020.
We are continuously working to increase our share of renewable energy while becoming more energy efficient. This goal is based on electricity consumption relative to produced volumes with 2015 as a base year. Since 2015 the electricity use per produced volumes has decreased by 24%, although our production volumes have increased by 31%*.

Increase renewable electricity in factories to 70% by 2018.
The electricity at our largest manufacturing sites in Poland is from 100% certified renewable sources. Our Wellness factory in India is getting part of its electricity (14%) from solar panels. During 2017 47% of electricity consumption at all Oriflame factories came from renewable sources, a slight increase compared to 2016*.

Achieve 100% renewable electricity in Oriflame operated buildings.
We have a decision from Group management to purchase renewable electricity for 100% of Oriflame electricity use in Oriflame operated offices, warehouses & factories.
*Our Wellness factory in China is not included due to lack of operational influence and low production volumes.