Goal 10: Source renewable and sustainable materials whenever possible.

Source 100% certified sustainable palm oil by physical supply chain by 2020.

We continued to take steps in supporting the production and usage of sustainable oil palm products. In 2017 over 8% of oil palm products in our Finished Goods was Mass Balance certified (a similar volume as during 2016). The remaining usage was covered by RSPO Credits. During 2018 we will continue working on increasing oil palm products certified by Mass Balance.

Promote sustainable palm oil by purchasing RSPO Credits to cover 100% of our consumption.

We purchase RSPO Credits to cover the remaining balance, ensuring 100% coverage.

Source 100% of wood fibre from credible certified sources.

In total, all paper and board surveyed in 2017 showed a compliance rate of 97%. We will keep working to ensure that 100% of our paper is proven acceptable by our policy.

Source 100% of catalogue paper from credibly certified origin.

In the annual supply chain analysis of our catalogue suppliers we found that 97% of catalogue paper was fully compliant with our paper commitment – which means it came from a credibly certified source with an intact chain of custody.


Source 100% of display packaging cartons and leaflets from FSCTM certified sources.

The analysis of our supply chain for packaging cartons and leaflets purchased during full year 2017 showed that 99% of the material was certified by FSCTM.