Waste management

We are taking responsibility for waste across our value chain

Waste is an area of significant impact for our business. A large proportion of our products and their packaging end up in landfill, which is problematic as unmanaged landfill creates a lot of harmful gases and contaminants, including methane - a particularly potent greenhouse gas.

We realise the scale of our waste challenge and are committed to tackling it. Much of our progress will come from creating better, more efficient packaging in the first place. That means continuing to increase the number of materials we use that have already been recycled, and making sure consumers can dispose of our products responsibly. Even though the volume is smaller, it is also important for us to address the waste that is created across the rest of our business.

A snapshot of the different materials we use for packaging our cosmetics, by weight. This information helps us decide where to make the most impactful changes.

Towards zero waste to landfill

By 2020, we plan to send zero waste to landfill across our manufacturing – in 2017 99% of our waste avoided landfill, the vast majority going to recycling. We will also be working to find new ways to help our three million Consultants reduce their waste - both while at our service centres and elsewhere in their lives.