Goals & Commitments

Goal 12. Reduce Emissions to Water


Use only biodegradable cleansing ingredients in 100% of our Personal Care products.

Only biodegradable cleansing ingredients are used in our Personal Care developments. To further strengthen our ambition to reduce our impact on water we developed biodegradable formulae for our new Love Nature range. With independently tested biodegradable formulations as well as natural extracts and natural origin scrub particles, this is fine example of how we can take steps to reduce our direct impact on water. We are now assessing rolling this approach out across some more ranges.

Start to phase out plastic microbeads in all new products from 2014.

In 2017 we continued to use only natural origin scrubs – such as almond shell, fruit seeds and silica – in all of our exfoliating products. We stopped manufacturing older products with plastic microbeads at the end of 2016. Additionally we stopped using plastic glitter (also solid plastic), in our rinse off products.