Product development and innovation, sustainable design

We want products that keep us healthy and beautiful to also help keep our natural world at its best.

Ecobeauty proves this idea is possible. It is the most natural, ethical and environmentally responsible range we have ever developed. It has received widespread recognition for its sustainability profile – including winning the 2014 Eco Beauty Awards organised by Cosmetic Executive Women. Read more about why we are proud of Ecobeauty.


As well as showcasing sustainability, Ecobeauty is our innovation laboratory – we use it to develop new ideas and share them across our product lines. This culture of innovation and sharing delivers real value for our business and our customers. Beyond this tangible positive impact, Ecobeauty also symbolises Oriflame’s deep and long-held connection with nature and our firm commitment to embed sustainability across our product development.

Partnering with nature

Nature and ingredients from nature play an important part in our product philosophy. This explains why we do not use materials derived from protected or endangered flora and fauna, and why we were one of the first companies in the world to use ingredients sourced directly from nature. For example, instead of using petroleum-based synthetic alcohols in our Eau de Toilettes and aerosols, we use natural origin alcohols that most often come from fermented grains. Moreover, we track the palm oil content of all our products and are the first company in the world to offer a foaming cleansing product that contains RSPO-certified segregated sustainable palm oil.

In a similar way, we wanted to stop using plastic microbeads in our exfoliating products. We started testing alternatives at the start of 2013 and identified a number of alternatives of natural origin, including plant waxes, nutshells and seeds. These all meet our high performance and safety expectations. During 2015 four new exfoliating products were launched, all with natural origin scrubs, one of these was Love Nature Face Scrub containing almond shells.

We also look to nature for inspiration during our concept stage, and are developing new formulations with ethically and environmentally responsibly sourced ingredients in mind. For example, our search for sustainable anti-ageing active ingredients led us to plant stem cells, which bring many benefits to our products.

Furthermore, in 2015 we launched our first biopolymer packaging as a trial – a plant-based alternative to petroleum-based plastic. This kind of initiative helps reduce the total environmental impact from the packaging. We continuously look for improvements like this everywhere – from eliminating unnecessary components to reviewing the materials we use.



Understanding our ingredients

In addition to our safety assessments, we put all new cosmetic raw materials through a rigorous sustainability review process and assess it on the following three criteria:

  • Naturalness: this addresses origin and determines whether the material has come directly from nature or has been processed in some way – such as physical pressing like avocado oil, or a biotechnical process like fermentation.
  • Environmental impact: this involves checking whether a material has come from an endangered plant or ecosystem, and evaluating its biodegradability and potential aquatic toxicity.
  • Ethicalness: we look at whether the ingredient is animal-based, contains genetically modified organisms or has any connections with child labour or conflict concerns.

 We are also constantly monitoring scientific reports on environmental issues to stay up-to-date and informed. By building this holistic understanding of our ingredients we can make accurate reports to our internal and external audiences and know where and how to make the most impactful improvements.