Goal 6: Improve the Sustainability Profile of Our Products 


Drive continuous progress by ensuring that product categories improve sustainability profile year-on-year.

Several raw material and product initiatives are in progress with the aim to improve the product’s sustainability profile. Raw materials are the backbone of our product development. We are taking steps to ensure an optimised and brand-relevant raw material portfolio to best express our Swedish brand through our products, drive innovation through nature and embed our corporate sustainability strategy. Our Ingredient Integrity Process addresses key ingredients and their sourcing and use. Strategy work within all product categories continues and is being formalised.

PCR content of PE and PET Cosmetic Packaging will be at least 20% in weight by 2020.

This commitment was updated to better reflect our concrete plans and to clarify the end year. Due to IT-system implementation, we cannot yet measure exactly where we are on this commitment. Due to a number of reasons, e.g. limitations in suppliers providing PCR, it is a struggle to increase this in a rapid manner. In spite of this, we are now implementing 50% PCR in all PET Bottles pertaining our Love Nature range.

Goal 7: Focus on innovation

Launch at least one sustainable Oriflame product innovation annually, for example the innovative Ecobeauty range, from 2015.

In 2017 we launched our new Love Nature rinse off range, which in an effort to further strengthen our water stewardship efforts, were developed with biodegradable formulations. Additionally, the formulations contained natural extracts and natural origin scrub particles. To add credibility to our development we carried our independent testing to ensure that all products passed the OECD testing protocol for biodegradability. This range is a wonderful vehicle to help educate Oriflame Consultants and consumers globally, through approachable communications about respect for water and responsible product usage.

Focus on innovation by increasing use of actives from plant biotechnology.

We are consistently increasing our portfolio of activities from plant stem cells technology with 17 products launched in 2016 and an additional 5 products launched in 2017.