Packaging That Performs

Oriflame’s cartons, bottles, tubes and jars are a large part of our environmental impact. The vast majority of our packaging materials consist of paper and other wood-fibre materials, plastics and glass. We strive to make our primary packs, for example the tube or bottle a product comes in, recyclable so they can be disposed of responsibly where recycling facilities are available. We are continuously working to find the right balance between more lightweight packaging and durability.
Below are some of the initiatives we are actively working on to improve the impact of our packaging.


Cartons, liners and leaflets

  • We have been working with the Rainforest Alliance since 2010 to improve the impact of our paper and other wood-based packaging. With their help, we set goals to increase the percentage of materials that are FSC™ certified.
  • During 2017 we sourced 99% of display packaging cartons and leaflets from FSC™ certified sources, an increase from 97% in 2016.

FSC™ certified product packaging

Reducing impact from plastic

  • In 2011 we started using post-consumer recycled plastics (known as PCR plastics) in some of our tubes. Ecobeauty and Love Nature are examples of ranges using PCR plastic and our ambition is to increase usage across all our brands. Availability of PCR, in certain markets, do constitute an obstacle.
  • The vast majority of the materials we use are recyclable and our ambition is to use only recyclable materials. One small but important achievement was the development of the Ecobeauty Face Cream pump which is made out of only plastics, and therefore 100% recyclable. Pump-based products are notoriously hard to recycle because of their mixed material makeup; the Ecobeauty pump however does not contain any metal and is, as a result, much easier for our customers to dispose of responsibly. Additionally, the Ecobeauty Face Cream pump is airless, meaning that all of the product gets dispensed from the pack.
  • In 2017, we have set a new commitment to increase the PCR content of PE and PET Cosmetic packaging to 2020.