Making Sustainability More Beautiful

We believe nature is the best place to find inspiration for sustainability

As a Swedish cosmetics company that respects the environment, we have always looked to nature for inspiration, and we have always been grateful for the results.

Our latest breakthrough revolves around using plant stem cells as the source of the ingredients for our anti-ageing products at our Skin Research Institute in Sweden – and it is a wonderful example of what can happen when nature and science meet.

Plant stem cells are isolated from small cuttings and then used to grow cell lines that have the same features as their parent. This means we can use plants that would otherwise be inaccessible because of, for example, the price of their cultivation or their protection status. Growing cells under controlled conditions also means we can increase the ingredient purity.

Using plant stem cells as the ingredient source instead of harvesting plants from nature is better for the environment and protects biodiversity. Traditional plant cultivation for ingredients is energy and resource intensive and leads to pollution and harmful solvent use.

When we source active ingredients from our lab-grown cells instead, we use 90% less water, no fertilisers or pesticides, and less energy. These ingredients are obviously also 100% traceable and mean fields can be used to grow other valuable resources, such as food.