Social and ethical standards

We are committed to marketing products that meet our own social and ethical standards, and those of our customers.

Oriflame cares about animal welfare and endangered species and we have high standards for all materials we source:

  • We do not use materials derived from animals (fur, leather) in our accessories products. Furthermore, we focus on using synthetic hair in our brushes.
  • For some products, we use selectively sourced animal by-products – such as beeswax and honey, lanolin derivatives (a secretion from wool-bearing animals) and dairy products.
  • We use fish oil from sustainably managed stocks in our Wellness food supplements range.

We have never tested our products or ingredients on animals at any stage during product development. We have always advocated alternative test methods and use the latest in-vitro (non-animal) methods for any tests that are not appropriate for human volunteers – for example, eye irritancy.

However, in certain countries we have to submit our finished products for additional testing for regulatory reasons. When this is the case, we offer other safety guarantees and try to persuade the relevant authorities to accept this data. We also work with the European Cosmetic Trade Association, Cosmetics Europe, to bring these kinds of local laws into closer alignment with European regulations. When unsuccessful, we must occasionally – and reluctantly ¬¬– submit finished products for further testing, which may include animal testing.

For more details, please see our policy on animal testing