Global Operations

At Oriflame’s Global Operations division we are responsible for the integration of key business functions across our Global Supply and Business Development capabilities. The role of our Operations division is to build internal Business Development capacity, to better control business information flow, and to maintain the good performance and continue improvements in the Global Supply organization. We are also responsible for ensuring that Sustainability continues to be a focus moving forwards in all aspects of the Oriflame business.

What are we doing within Global Operations?

The key activities within Oriflame Global Operations include:

Sustainability – leading the work to take Oriflame closer to its goal of becoming a sustainable company.

Customer Experience – responsible for making the Oriflame experience as easy and friendly as possible – always with a customer focus.

Business Development – driving the work to increase our ability to predict future market developments and trends, evaluate our options and lead internal cross-departmental projects.

Quality & Process Management – controlling key procedures within Oriflame to ensure our products meet the high quality expected by our consumer while focusing on driving continuous internal business improvement across the Oriflame business.

Global Supply - delivering the best supply chain in the industry to our sales companies, consultants and end customers;

  • Purchasing - responsible for maintaining our supplier base and commercial negotiations plus controlling direct and in-direct company spend.
  • Manufacturing – running our six internal factories as the principal Supplier to Oriflame in emulsions, liquids, foundations, mascaras, lipsticks, toiletries and fragrances.
  • Planning & Logistics – sourcing 600m products annually from our suppliers and distributing them to our 60 markets around the world, ensuring smooth & physical delivery of products.


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