A Meaningful Workplace

Being part of a company with a business model that offers people around the world the opportunity to improve their lives creates meaning and inspiration for our employees all over the world. Our employees come to work knowing that they are part of fulfilling dreams of millions of people.

By taking inspiration from the many dreams of people around the world and by offering an attractive opportunity to market its products, Oriflame aims to become the number one beauty company selling direct.

The Oriflame story started in Sweden in 1967, when Oriflame was founded by the brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick, together with Bengt Hellsten. They wanted to give people the opportunity to benefit from good skin care products and cosmetics, through products inspired by the natural beauty associated with Sweden. The products were distributed to the homes of entrepreneurial Oriflame Consultants all over the country, and from day one they had a network of potential customers among their friends, colleagues and neighbors.

Since then, Oriflame has given millions of people in Europe, Asia, South America and Africa the opportunity to start their own businesses – often in countries where freedom of enterprise was discouraged or restricted to the elite. In that sense, Oriflame has helped to tear down walls. For over 50 years, Oriflame has remained true to its original concept of high-quality beauty products inspired by nature and an entrepreneurial culture.

Sustainability for people, planet and community

Responsible business practices are key to Oriflame’s success and future growth. Whether in its day-to-day business activities or in the impact of its products, Oriflame is committed to achieving ever higher standards of social and environmental performance to accelerate its long-term vision of becoming a sustainable company.

We are working continuously to integrate sustainability into all areas of our business and we have committed to reducing our impact on the planet, improving the lives of people involved as well as contributing positively to the communities in which we operate. Whilst progress has been made, Oriflame recognises that this is a long journey and that there is much more still to be done.

Partnering with charity organisations

Besides providing employment and a business opportunity, Oriflame also has a long history of contributing to the communities in which it operates by supporting good causes at a local, regional and global level.

These include, for example, the World Childhood Foundation (founded by HM Queen Silvia of Sweden and co-founded by Oriflame and the Af Jochnick Foundation) and support to SOS Children’s Villages globally.

Oriflame seeks to contribute to efforts and projects that create long-term positive effects for people and their communities. Providing education is one of the most effective ways of achieving this. The primary mission of Oriflame’s community involvement is therefore to help children and young women by facilitating a wide range of educational initiatives, providing them with opportunities to change their lives for the better and enabling them to fulfil their dreams.



  • At Oriflame we offer Swedish beauty products and a business opportunity for people who want to start making money the day they join, while working towards fulfi lling theirpersonal dreams. Thanks to this innovative business model, every single day our employees are a part of fulfi lling the dreams of millions of people around the world.

  • At Oriflame we are proud to contribute to society by minimising our impact on the environment and partnering with charity organisations globally.