Diversity and equal opportunities

Diversity management is about looking for, accepting and appreciating both visible and invisible differences among people’s competencies, seeking opportunities in each individual to strengthen the business

Diversity and Equal opportunities policy

Diversity and equal opportunities is a source of strength and a strategic base for the success of Oriflame, as well as prerequisite for a dynamic and productive work place.  It is about attracting and recruiting the top talents and creating an environment where all their capability and knowledge is utilized in an optimized way.

All employees regardless of gender, ethnic belonging, nationality, age, sexual orientation, political or religious affiliation or physical capacity should be evaluated based on the same basic principles; performance, expertise and capabilities.


What does Diversity and equal opportunities mean at Oriflame?


  • Oriflame always strives for an even distribution of gender and ethnical background within all categories of employees at all levels.

  • Oriflame will in all recruitments, internal and external, look for the right person for the position.

  • Oriflame will give all employees the same opportunity for promotion.

  • Oriflame always strives to secure equal pay for equal work and performance benchmarked against external market data.

  • All employees at Oriflame, men as well as women, should find it possible to combine work with the responsibility of having children.

  • At Oriflame the work environment shall be suitable for all employees.

  • Oriflame does not tolerate the occurrence of any form of verbal abuse, bullying or harassment between any employees in the workplace or outside the workplace.