Business Opportunity

How can I become an Oriflame Consultant?

You can become an Oriflame Consultant either by contacting a Consultant you already know or by contacting your local Oriflame office. In some countries it is also possible to register online.

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What are the requirements to become an Oriflame Consultant?

Everyone is welcome to join Oriflame as a Consultant. People from all backgrounds have been successful with us. We provide a rare opportunity to start your own business, where the only investment needed is your commitment and passion.

How much time do I have to spend?

You decide yourself when and how much you want to work. 
Whether you want to dedicate yourself full time or want to make some extra money during your spare time, it is up to you.
There are no opening hours so you can invest your time in a way that suits you.

How can I get started?

As a new Consultant you will have a more experienced Consultant as a coach, guiding and assisting you. Your coach will introduce you to Oriflame and help you with all the necessary information you need in the beginning.

You will also receive a starter kit that contains everything you need to get started.

What does the starter kit include?

The starter kit includes presentational material about our company and products as well as guides, catalogues and product samples that will be helpful to you when you start as a Consultant.