Our beauty brands

Our holistic view on beauty impacts the products we create. For us, it’s not only how you look, but how you live, feel and act. All aspects of your life are important, and we believe that with the help of our wide selection of high-quality products, everyone can live a healthy lifestyle, enjoy beautiful skin and express their own personal style. Check out some of our most iconic brands in Wellness, Skin care, Colour cosmetics and Personal care.

Wellness by Oriflame

When you feel good it shows, and we believe that good nutrition and an active, social life are key to feeling good. Our aim is to help you find a balance that fits your life naturally, so we offer quality nutritional supplements, based on our healthy Nordic diet; realistic routines and advice to help you make lasting changes; and a passionate and supportive community of like-minded individuals you can engage in fun wellness activities with. A healthier, happier life starts with Wellness by Oriflame!


Our premium NovAge skin care range offers a series of scientifically advanced skin care ranges, customised to target women and men’s skin-ageing needs. Every range is powered by a skin-rejuvenating technology together with a youth-preserving plant stem cell extract – a formidable partnership designed to correct and slow down the skin-ageing process. This is reinforced by our 4-step skin care routine designed to deliver the best results. Unlock youthful, healthy-looking skin at any age with NovAge.



Advanced technology and the latest formulations, stand out from the crowd with on-trend shades, hi-pigmentation payoff and products with sleek, designer packaging. THE ONE is designed in Stockholm - one of the innovation capitals of the world and where trends are born. Express yourself with a wide range of cosmetics for face, eyes, lips and nails. Stylish new shades meet innovative formats. Bring. It. On.


Giordani Gold

Our heritage make-up brand embodies a luxe sensibility with a holistic approach to beauty, delivering superior performance, sensorial moments and uniquely crafted makeup and fragrance experiences. A premium quality brand that inspires women to be feminine and sophisticated and above all, to enjoy life and cherish every moment.



Celebrating simple, natural ingredients that smell and feel fantastic, Love Nature products have been created to benefit both your body and the planet. All Love Nature rinse-off products are biodegradable, hair products are silicone-free and exfoliants have natural-origin beads. The range of face, body and hair products are a pleasure to use, bringing a fresh and fun experience.



Our multisensorial home spa range contains powerfully potent Swedish ingredients and unique, indulgent textures to relax the senses and revitalise the body – the Swedish way. Harnessing the Swedish holistic approach to beauty and the breathtaking natural landscapes, Swedish Spa promotes the benefits of precious ‘me-time’ to bring you inner tranquillity and outer beauty. The range of face and body products help to nourish, exfoliate and moisturise.



Built on a rich heritage of Swedish apothecary knowledge and driven by the proven powers of botanical extracts and minerals, Beautanicals offers a new era of responsible, thoughtful and effective beauty formulations for your hair and body. Inspired by the pure waters of Scandinavia, the products contain a bespoke blend of eight essential minerals and Swedish natural honeysuckle extract that provide a range of authentic beauty benefits – to reveal your natural beauty.



Based on our knowledge of baby skin, we wanted to find an ingredient that isn’t just hydrating, but actually improves your baby’s skin barrier and strengthens its resilience against external aggressors. Swedish Oat Oil does just that. Each drop of this beautiful golden oil has been sustainably extracted from the finest Swedish crops, creating a rich, concentrated ingredient that is exceptionally compatible with baby skin – far more so than other oat ingredients. It has a unique composition of lipids that actually mimic the skin’s own lipids and helps create a ‘second skin’ effect that strengthens your baby’s skin barrier, both on the surface and within the skin, to keep it soft and protected.