History of innovation

Our breakthroughs, patents and world firsts

Oriflame consolidates its in-house expertise with the opening of Oriflame R&D.

Patent granted for our EMS technology that reproduces the natural skin barrier function.

Skin Research team created within R&D.

Patent granted for our powerful Swedish lingonberry antioxidant technology.

Patent granted for our Oripeptide technology, supporting 33% wrinkle reduction claim

Wellness shake launches, 1 shake per day helps control appetite and increase energy and focus.
Food Supplement launch with Astaxanthin, a powerful Swedish antioxidant.
Ori-Derm, our in-house clinical and efficacy testing facility with 2D, 3D Imaging, SPF Screening, opens.

Skin Research Institute (SRI) is established.

Skin care range featuring the patented anti-wrinkle TRI-PEPTIDE technology launched: boosts skin’s own natural collagen production.
World’s first triple core lipstick launches.
World’s first mascara launch with double brush system providing 40% longer lashes and 9 X more volume.

World’s first complete cosmetic range certified with 4 eco certifitications including Fairtrade, Ecocert, Vegan Society and FSC (Forest Stewardship Council)
Time Restore range launched, featuring Genistein SOY extract.
Age Reflect Global Study begins, to better understand skin needs and anti-ageing concerns. By understanding what drives age perception, we can create anti-ageing skin care solutions that target the signs that really matter.

World’s first ever lipstick launched with a powder pigment core and 3D light reflecting technology.
First to Oriflame foundation launches with patented Skin Renew Technology: Revitalises, renews and protects the skin.
World’s first 24 X Volume mascara launched.

Moisturising lipstick launched with 10 hr wear.

World’s first skin care routine with clinically proven results launched: Oriflame’s Youth Enhancing Routine gives 7 X Better Skin.
Patent granted for Aspartolift, our lifting and firming active ingredient that mimics the effect of retinoic acid without any of the side effects. 30,000 genes screened and 1,000 active ingredients investigated; our research and testing shows keratinocytes are regenerated by 30%; fibroblasts rejuvenated by 20% and the dermis is rebuilt, with 70% more elasticity for firmer, lifted, more beautiful skin.
Oriflame creates its own orange blossom fragrance note.
The World’s first mascara with a clinically proven eye-opening effect by 30% launched. Patent granted for our clinical test method.

Global patent is filed for a unique plant stem cell extract.

Opening of Wellness by Oriflame laboratory at Oriflame R&D.

Age Reflect, Oriflame’s Signature Research Project, comes to China. Committed to understanding the ageing footprint of our consumers, it aims to identify key environmental and lifestyle factors affecting ageing in the Chinese population.

Age Reflect, Oriflame’s Signature Research Project, comes to Mexico.
Opening of Oriflame’s first Sensory Laboratory at Oriflame R&D.