Research and performance testing

Global skin research

Our reach is global, so it is crucial that our formulations work for each and every one of our consumers’ different skin types worldwide. While our state-of-the-art facilities allow us to analyse the effects of ingredients and formulations, our scientists recognise the need to cast their research net on a global scale, in order to discover and understand even better, the signature characteristics of all skin ethnicities.

Oriflame scientists have launched a Signature Research Project called Age Reflect. The research is committed to understanding the ageing footprint of all our consumers and so far, has concluded in Russia, India and China and is ongoing in Mexico. Although the ageing process of facial skin is well documented and understood, age perception has remained relatively unexplored. Prior scientific research concludes that the perception of age is, in fact, a better indicator of overall health and wellbeing, than real age. Taking this unique approach into our research allows us to deepen our understanding of skin and the impact of age and lifestyle.

Our research findings have been the driving force behind Oriflame’s intelligent, anti-ageing skin care ranges, which feature preventive and corrective products tailored to delay and reduce the appearance of ageing signs. These findings continue to enhance the development of our products and routines, identifying key environmental and lifestyle factors that affect ageing around the world. This research provides an exciting opportunity to deliver crucial insights into our global consumers, their particular skin and anti-ageing requirements.

Skin Research Institute

The product journey starts at our Skin Research Institute (SRI) in Stockholm, Sweden. SRI was created to consolidate Oriflame’s leading research expertise in natural, active ingredients with the investigation of innovative skin care technologies. With links to highly respected universities in Sweden, SRI scientists’ research underpins the future of Oriflame’s innovation in anti-ageing, skin health and wellness.

Scientists at SRI investigate natural ingredients and plant stem cells, and the mimicry of bioactive agents, with the ultimate aim of identifying and extracting the most potent and effective substances with anti-ageing benefits. Our scientists have a strong focus on plant stem cell technology, as it reduces water and energy consumption, uses no pesticides and enables us to work with plant materials from all over the world. Our pioneering approach to plant stem cells means we are the first direct selling cosmetics company to have in-house plant stem cell culturing facilities, and we continue to focus on strengthening our expertise in this area.

We recently filed a global patent (PCT/EP2017/065814/patent pending) on a new generation of plant stem cell extract with strong antioxidant potential, which will be the basis of a multi-benefit anti-ageing technology for our products.

During the last few years we have broadened our research towards a holistic focus on skin health, including research on microbiome, the invisible 4th layer of skin that is vital to skin health and which is made up of a series of different bacteria. In 2019, we published our first research paper related to microbiome in the Journal of Experimental Dermatology. This article was the result of a successful research collaboration with one of the microbiome field’s key Swedish players. By building a microbiome research unit at SRI, we are able to continue our research into the development and testing of active ingredients that can influence the skin microbiome.

SRI recently invested in novel digital tools and built our own unique platform to speed up the discovery of active ingredients:Network Pharmacognosy™ – a digital research platform that works by merging System Biology data together with a medicinal chemistry database, and by network analysis.

Network Pharmacognosy ™ led our scientists to discover and file a patent for a natural anti-wrinkle active ingredient (SE Patent Application No 1730093-0) for Skin care and Wellness. This unique platform is a key part of our digital transformation, allowing us to meet the demands of tomorrow by accelerating the discovery of high-performance, natural actives today.

Performance testing

Product performance sets us apart. Unlike many cosmetics companies, we always conduct efficacy testing on our final formulations. Our premium Skin care ranges in particular, are subject to a raft of stringent clinical tests to demonstrate their effectiveness and to guarantee results. At Ori-Derm, our state-of-the-art clinical testing facility, our experienced team of scientists and experts operate a comprehensive suite of high tech instrumentation . Ori-Derm’s core capabilities lie within 2D and 3D skin imaging, Skin Biophysics, Photobiology, Competitor Benchmarking and Consumer Research.

We perform anti-ageing studies, measuring pigmentary changes, texture improvements and the biophysics of the skin and skin barrier integrity. We strive to meet the evolving needs of a diverse, global consumer base through our use of skin research data and specialist 3D imaging equipment.

Our clinical studies are in strict accordance with the internationally accepted principles of Good Clinical Practice that ensure the safety, rights and wellbeing of all panellists, as well as robust and credible study results. An Ethics Committee approves our test protocols and ensures clinical tests are conducted in a safe, ethical and responsible manner, whilst protecting the interests of each panellist.