Wellness by Oriflame

The science of wellness

Wellness by Oriflame is a key lifestyle brand that underpins our Beauty by Sweden brand positioning: because we’re from Sweden, we have a different view on beauty. For us, it’s not only how you look, but how you live, feel and act. This is where our wellness products such as the Wellness by Oriflame Natural Balance Shake formula come in, helping our consumers lead a healthier lifestyle.

The history of Wellness by Oriflame links directly to the research of Prof. Stig Steen, founder of the Igelösa Life Science Community in Sweden. One of Professor Steen’s key interests is nutrition and its impact on health, and it was Stig Steen and his team who developed the Wellness by Oriflame Natural Balance Shake formula after more than 8 years of intensive research and studies, including clinical trials of the product’s safety and effect. This early collaboration with Professor Steen and his team built a strong scientific foundation for Wellness by Oriflame.

We have a dedicated Wellness by Oriflame research laboratory at our Global R&D centre in Ireland, where we develop high performing nutritional products for our consumers, including powders, tablets, capsules and other wellness product types.

Our product philosophy is based on the use of natural, safe and eco-ethically sourced ingredients. Our scientists invest a significant amount of their expertise to rigorously interrogate each ingredient that goes into a Wellness by Oriflame product. To objectively meet our own standards for product performance, we partner with a network of quality approved external laboratories to perform safety testing, taste testing, shelf life assessment, nutritional verification and other quality checks.

This universal focus on quality and product performance is fundamental to Wellness by Oriflame. The team only works with manufacturers who pass all of Oriflame’s strict manufacturing quality criteria, with each manufacturing site regularly audited to maintain and improve standards continuously.

Throughout the product ideation and development process, our team of regulatory experts, working closely with our formulation scientists, ensure that all our Wellness by Oriflame products meet the challenging regulations set down in the more than 45 markets in which the products are available.