Opportunity for Brand Partners

Our vision is to become the #1 Social Selling Beauty Company by building the world´s largest beauty community. Oriflame’s business reaches around two and a half million Members and millions of customers each year, giving us a unique opportunity to touch people’s lives. This is a core part of Oriflame’s business model and at the centre of our updated sustainability strategy.

Our business model provides unique opportunities for our Brand Partners to enable real positive change in their lives. Social selling gives people – most often women – a real opportunity to earn an income by building and nurturing relationships with customers. In the digital age, this transforms into more flexibility and freedom than traditional employment and gives the option to combine social selling with a primary job, studie or childcare. Some people even opt for social selling full time. Furthermore, when someone becomes an Oriflame Brand Partner, they get access to a network of business and beauty experts and become part of a global beauty community. They also get access to training, meetings and events all of which boosts their abilities, confidence and self-esteem.