Passion for people

Social responsibility is important to Oriflame because of the impact and potential influence we have on people around the world. Through our employees, the Oriflame Consultants, our suppliers, the communities where we operate and our customers, our business touches millions of lives every day. Our commitment to social sustainability is an ongoing one.

Employee Experience

Employee experience

Oriflame believes that a mix of gender, nationalities and cultures performing at equal merit leads to better decisions, ideas and products. Diversity is about celebrating, respecting and harnessing the value of the differences amongst our people and the talent we want to attract. Overall, 76 nationalities are represented in our global workforce.

At Oriflame, we are committed to ensuring that no employee should be exposed to any health or safety risk when they work for us or on our behalf. Our group Health and Safety function continues to support our organisation to continue to identify and control those risks. Some of our initiatives to provide our employees with a safe workspace are:

Group-level Health and Safety policy
Health and Safety Awareness eLearning available to all employees
 Health and Safety self-assessment checklists for warehouses
Review of machine safety in factories
Health and Safety committees at our major sites
Monitoring incident and accident data from our sites

For more information on how we work with our employees, please see our career site.

social responsible products

Social responsible products

Our products need to add value in several ways for us to stay relevant to our customers. We have added this specific target area to highlight our intentions going forward. As you will read below, we have established several initiatives throughout the years. Today we are more dedicated than ever before to developing products that not only make you beautiful, but also make you feel beautiful. From the inside and out.

We are committed to developing new products and growing sales of existing products with a social purpose.
Oriflame is committed to ensuring an ethical approach when sourcing our raw materials. Mica is a group of minerals used in a large variety of consumer goods. At Oriflame we use it for example as pearlescent pigment in cosmetics. To support the development of impactful solutions against this issue, Oriflame joined the Responsible Mica Initiative in 2017 and has continued our proactive engagement since then. The Responsible Mica Initiative is a unique, cross-sector association, ensuring close collaboration between private, public and non-profit sectors, in order to achieve a 100% responsible mica supply chain over the next 5 years.

Consumer Safety

Consumer safety

Oriflame has a team of safety experts working with internal and external specialists. Together, they make sure every ingredient we use and every product we sell meets our high quality and safety standards. We have the same high standards wherever in the world our products are made or sold.

At Oriflame we only use the highest quality raw materials. By doing this we ensure that we minimize the presence of any unintentionally added ingredients. All our raw materials undergo a rigorous assessment process by numerous experts at various stages in the development of our products, in order to ensure that all materials meet our very high standards.

For all our cosmetics products, we apply a comprehensive evaluation that includes the following:
We conduct a thorough evaluation of all raw materials. We only use reputable suppliers, and only select ingredients that are supported with satisfactory data.
 We carefully measure safe concentration levels. Our team of expert toxicologists ensure ingredients are safe for intended use and intended consumer group.
We test our final formulations for irritation and sensitisation on healthy human volunteers in independent laboratories, and also use ‘in vitro’ (non-animal) tests to further confirm the safety of our products.
Post-launch, we proactively collect feedback from consumers and data about any unwanted effects.

Human Rights

Human rights

Oriflame takes a strong stance on social and ethical issues and we are proactively embedding this position across our value chain. Oriflame operates in several high-risk areas in terms of human rights breaches. Should any non-conformances become apparent in our own or our suppliers’ operations, we are committed to act. In order to understand the risks as fully as possible, we have conducted an in-depth study to assess the major human rights impact throughout our business.

Compliance at Oriflame is defined as the range of initiatives and tools implemented to safeguard the company’s employees, resources, integrity, reputation and business partners. We comply strictly with the letter and spirit of the law, and strive to go beyond wherever we can, to always do the right thing.

At Oriflame, we have a zero-tolerance policy of all human rights violation, including any form of active or passive corruption, harassment and discrimination.

In 2007, we issued our first Code of Conduct, which has been updated numerous times since then. Our Code of Conduct, is supported by several internal policies and sets out the principles that guide how we operate at Oriflame, always with a high level of integrity and a strong ethical and moral conscience. The Code of Conduct and supporting policies are available to all employees, in several languages. Their content is also explained to all employees in several ongoing classroom trainings and eLearning courses.

Oriflame is committed to the protection of human rights, including the freedom of association, at all stages in its value chain. Our Code of Conduct draws a clear line in the sand when it comes to forced labour, child labour or modern slavery. These practices are clearly and strictly prohibited within Oriflame, and we have a Supplier Code of Conduct that carries over these requirements to our external supply chain. The Supplier Code of Conduct is part of our standard terms of doing business with suppliers.

We encourage employees to openly report concerns and to ask compliance related questions. Employees are regularly reminded that they can address these concerns to their direct manager, or to any other manager in the company. In addition, Oriflame has implemented a compliance-breach reporting mechanism since 2007, guaranteeing confidentiality and protection to employees reporting in good faith. All allegations of breaches of the Oriflame Code of Conduct are reviewed by the Governance Committee.


Sustainable suppliers

At Oriflame, we believe that integrating sustainability criteria within procurement practice is an essential part of moving towards a more sustainable value chain. Our Oriflame Global Supplier Evaluation programme for Direct Material suppliers is significant in helping us improve our sustainability performance across our whole value chain. The programme allows us to objectively assess our suppliers on a range of sustainability criteria including human rights, specifying our requirements on how suppliers are evaluated, scored and developed.
The foundation of this process is the Supplier Code of Conduct which outlines our requirements regarding working conditions, health and safety, discrimination and environmental impact, to name a few. The Code applies to primarily to all our first-tier suppliers including Raw material and Packaging suppliers, though we encourage all our suppliers to implement this Code of Conduct upstream in their own value chain.

The second step of this process is a supplier assessment tool that is used to understand the level of management system implemented, to prioritise our on-site audits, as well as to identify and co-drive improvements. Suppliers representing approximately 98% of our direct finished goods cosmetics, accessories and wellness spend are covered by this tool.

Oriflame conducts sustainability audits in China and India for finished goods and packaging materials suppliers via its own local audit team. In addition to its own audit team, for beauty accessories categories of suppliers, Oriflame also uses trading partner agencies that conduct additional sustainability audits to ensure supplier compliance.