We have decided to stop using plastic microbeads and plastic glitter in our cosmetic rinse-off products and started testing alternatives in early 2013. We investigated a number of alternatives of natural origin, including plant waxes, nutshells and seeds that all met our high performance and safety expectations. By the end of 2016, we stopped selling products containing plastic microbeads and plastic glitter and now only use natural origin scrubs in all our exfoliating cosmetic products.

We are also committed to improve our raw materials’ biodegradability and develop new Skin Care and Personal Care rinse-off products formulated to be biodegradable. Since 2015, the materials we use to make cosmetic wipes, cloth sheet masks and nail polish remover pads have been biodegradable. This means the material will break down naturally, as long as it is disposed of correctly and not flushed down the toilet. At our manufacturing sites we focus on improving water efficiency and reducing water use.