The company for people who act on their dreams

We believe that everyone has a right to dream. Big and small. We believe that YOU are the one who can make all your dreams happen. We are the company that people join because they know that with us they can get closer to their dreams, both professional and personal. We want all Oriflamians working with us to feel the connection and the excitement, to feel challenged and needed.
As this will give you the courage to act on your dreams.


 The power of moments

For us Culture matters. But it is not just the words that we say from stage or put in corporate brochures. Our culture is felt through moments.

Both big and small, throughout our whole journey with Oriflame.
These moments is what makes our culture a tangible experience, and not an abstract concept.
It is the stories that we create together and share between each other.
These moments and stories are what makes our Oriflame Culture SPECIAL.

Alexandra de Greck,
Vice President Global Product Marketing 

Michael Cervell,
Senior VP Group Strategy and Business Development

Niclas Palmquist,
VP Finance CIS

Niklas Frisk,
SVP and Head of Global Business Area Europe & Africa, Head of CE

Yura Mykhaylyuk,
VP and Regional Head of WE and GDIL

Elena Aylott,
Senior Director Global Employee Experience

Be part of our Community

@Lifeatoriflame is our employee owned Instagram account. Do you want to look behind the scenes and see how we work together, follow us, like and comment. And we hope you enjoy the experience.