We Are Oriflame

The Oriflame way

What is so special about us? It’s the Oriflame Way: our secret that we are happy to share with everyone who joins our community. It’s practices and expectations guiding our thinking and behavior. It unites and evolves us, it’s the engine that drives our growth and the heart that makes us vibrant and alive.
We believe that when you know these values, share them and represent them, you feel comfort, safety and become your full self.

How we do things?

We’re a global community, uniting ambitious people sharing and promoting the same values. 
The values of Togetherness, Spirit and Passion, also known as our ”TSP”.

These three words have been guiding us for a long time and they’ll stay with us as long as we exist. Togetherness, Spirit and Passion are more than just nice- sounding words hat we put on the poster in the office. These three words mean a world to us – they live in our hearts. Every person in Oriflame, employee or consultant, can easily share a personal story connected to our values. These stories are remembered with warmth and retold. Togetherness, Spirit and Passion guide all of our company’s actions. They tell us what to approach, what to avoid and how to define ourselves. They’re infused into everything we do — how we recruit, work together, promote, develop, celebrate and reward.

Togetherness, Spirit and Passion are the qualities that differ us from many other companies.


Togetherness is a fundamental principle that our dynamic community is built upon and it is what makes us truly global. We believe that people who work together and share the same goals achieve greater results and have more fun along the way.


Oriflame is a company built by true entrepreneurs. We believe that everything is possible. We are committed to do what it takes to succeed and deliver great results. 


We are passionate about beauty, our business and, most importantly, about our people – Oriflame employees and everyone who enjoys our products, who starts their own business, changes their lives and fulfils their dreams. Passion fuels our belief in the power of dreams to inspire, sustain, and change lives. Passion is the driving force behind our science-powered and nature-inspired products, and reflected in our commitment to sustainability.