Nature and raw materials from nature play an important part in our product philosophy. Our respect for nature means that we don’t use materials derived from protected or endangered flora and fauna. We have a Raw Material Rationale process in place whereby our experts continue to review cosmetic and wellness raw materials from a safety perspective and according to our sustainability criteria including the following:

Naturalness: this addresses origin and determines whether the material has come directly from nature or has been processed in some way.

Environmental impact: this involves checking whether a material has come from an endangered plant/ ecosystem and evaluating its biodegradability and potential aquatic toxicity.


Ethical impact: we ensure that any raw material of animal origin is on our list of allowed animal by-products, e.g. beeswax, milk, honey, lanolin, silk. For each of these animal ingredients we require an ethical statement ensuring that no animal has been harmed. We ensure that no raw material contains genetically modified organisms (GMO). We also assess our raw materials for links to child labour and conflict concerns such as mica. 


Traceability: We have started to work with our partners to track the country in which our natural raw materials have been grown.

Raw materials are a strategic focus for Oriflame, and we are actively working with our partners to seek exciting new brand-aligned ingredients and responsible alternatives to concern ingredients.

Animal Welfare

We are committed to developing products that meet our own social and ethical standards, and those of our customers. Oriflame cares about animal welfare and endangered species and we have high standards for all the materials we source as described in our Responsibility for Animal Welfare.