Opportunity for Brand Partners

Oriflame’s business reaches around three million Beauty Consultants and an estimated seven million customers every year, giving us a unique opportunity to touch people’s lives. This is a core part of Oriflame’s business model and at the centre of our updated sustainability strategy.

Our business model provides unique opportunities for our Brand Partners to enable real positive change in their lives. Social and direct selling gives people – most often women – a real opportunity to combine flexible work with other occupations including childcare, studies or working from home. This flexibility and freedom is critical in many of the countries we operate in. Furthermore, when people become part of the Oriflame family, they gain access to a network, to training, to meetings and to conferences.

They also earn recognition, which boosts their abilities, self-esteem and confidence. All these benefits enable sustainable development both economically and socially, often in areas where it is most needed. To keep moving forward, Oriflame will measure how people are touched by the business and what it does for them socially and economically.

For more information on our goals and commitments related to our Brand Partners, please see our latest Sustainability Report.