consumer safety

Consumer safety

At Oriflame we only use the highest quality raw materials. By doing this we ensure that we minimise the presence of any unintentionally added ingredients. All our raw materials undergo a rigorous assessment by numerous experts at various stages in the development of our products.

For all our cosmetics products, we apply a comprehensive evaluation that includes the following:

We conduct a thorough evaluation of all ingredients. We only use reputable suppliers, and only select ingredients that are supported with robust data.  

We carefully measure safe concentration levels. Our team of expert toxicologists ensure ingredients are safe for each intended use and intended consumer group.

We test our final formulations for skin compatibility on healthy human volunteers in independent laboratories, and also use ‘in vitro’ (non-animal) tests to further confirm the safety of our products.

Post-launch, we proactively collect feedback from consumers and data about any unwanted effects to further improve the safety of our products.