Raw material integrity

Raw materials are the backbone of our product development, so we only select those that epitomise our values, and that support innovation through nature. An example of this approach is the 2017 launch of the Love Nature rinse-off range, which further strengthened our water stewardship efforts with independently tested biodegradable formulations, as well as natural extracts and natural origin scrub particles.

We stringently assess all raw materials for their sustainability attributes, including transparent sourcing, social and environmental footprint, with a detailed focus on key materials. In 2017 we became a member of the Responsible Mica Initiative. We ensure that all sustainability-related developments and improvements are transparently communicated.

Our decision to ensure Halal compliance of our raw materials, and to deliver a future portfolio of Halal-certified products to key markets such as Indonesia, is an example of how we support our key markets and reinforce our Swedish approach to making quality products available to everyone.

Product standards

Eco-Ethical Screening

Eco-Ethical Screening

All our ingredients undergo our exclusive screening process to assess their source, quality, and safety. So you can be sure that all of our great products are not only safe to use, but created in a responsible way. We never use ingredients from endangered sources.


Natural Extracts

Natural Extracts.

We believe in the power and purity of nature.
That’s why we only use natural extracts, never synthetic ones.


Natural Exfoliants

All our scrub products contain only natural origin exfoliants, such as almond shells, fruit seeds and olive stones. Better for you and better for our oceans!

StrictEuropeanStandardsEuropean Standards

We go beyond the strict European safety standards that include banning 1300 ingredients that are harmful for consumers and for the environment. For us this means placing further restrictions on ingredients that we feel are unsafe for our consumers.




100% of our products are made without intentional genetically modified organisms (GMOs).


Rigorous Safety Testing

We use independent laboratories to test our cosmetic formulations on healthy human volunteers. This testing helps confirm that our products do not cause irritation and that they are safe to use.