What does it mean in practice?

When you ask an Oriflame person why he or she likes working with us, you will often hear the same answer – because of the amazing colleagues! We believe that outstanding people can achieve outstanding things, especially if they work together. We want your professional and personal dreams come true with us. We want you to be yourself, to be challenged and to be needed by Oriflame – every day. We want you to fill our house with Togetherness, Spirit and Passion.

Employee Manifesto

We asked our employees in one of the offices to summarize our culture in a number of behaviors they expect when they come to the office every day, both from the colleagues and from themselves. It resulted in an employee manifesto below.

Say hello. Make a new friend.
If you’ve never met, introduce yourself.
Ask how things are.
Offer a hand. Or a cup of coffee or tea.
Make someone’s life a little easier.
Share a laugh.
Enjoy the moment.
Find something to celebrate together.
Start a tradition.
Leave your desk. Take a walk with a colleague.
Don’t book a meeting, grab a coffee together.
Learn something new every day.
Share ideas. Discover new possibilities.
Always keep your door open.
Dare, take risks, take the lead.
Stand for your views, and respect others.
Be honest.
Seek to understand.
Step outside your comfort zone.
Dare to make mistakes and learn from them.
Feel free to be yourself – and your best self.
Focus on relationships, not hierarchy.
Leave your prestige at the door.
Treat everyone the way you’d like to be treated.
Realize that you do not have to do it alone.
Remember that we’re all in this together.
We are Oriflame.


This is just one example of how our culture feels. The words in the manifesto can vary from office to office, from Oriflame country to country. But the main thing remains unchanged. We hope that reading the manifesto gives you a strong feeling of Togetherness, Spirit and Passion. And we also hope that it gives you goosebumps and makes you excited. The same feeling that you get when you are about to fulfil your dream.

This is what Oriflame is all about.