Sustainability report 2019 was officially published on Friday, April 17. Last year was a successful one for Oriflame in terms of our commitments to protecting the environment and preserving our planet – and we are proud of what we could achieve.

One of our greatest accomplishments in 2019 was reducing our operations’ absolute climate impact by 48% since 2010 and climate compensating for the remaining emissions we could not reduce. That means Oriflame’s operations are officially 100% climate-neutral and operates by 100% renewable electricity. In total for 2019, Oriflame contributed to the protection of six million trees and reforestationof half a million trees in India, Indonesia, China and Mexico.

Our conferences – one of the biggest events for all Oriflame world – are now also 100% climate-neutral. We achieved it first during the Gold Conference 2019 in Stockholm, where we used only certified venues & low-carbon transportation to provide the best experience for our Consultants and Leaders – and compensated for other activities, like air flights. We aim to continue this practice and never go back to conferences which have a huge negative impact on the climate. 

Our factories also operate with zero waste sent to landfill - no waste from these facilities goes to landfill and pollutes the environment.

Furthermore, we use 100% sustainable certified palm oil for our production and 100% of our paper and packaging comes from credible certified paper mills or recycled materials - a huge effort to fight deforestation.


Discover more Sustainability highlights and learn about our commitments to protect the planet by reading the full Sustainability report 2019.