Respect for nature

Our new 2020 Sustainability Report was published on April 9 – click here to check it out.

Sustainability is an integral part of our very core – our heritage, our brand, our people and our products. It is also manifested in our promise to create opportunities for our Brand Partners to make a significant difference in their lives. Last year was challenging in many ways, but despite all obstacles we continued our journey towards a sustainable future.

Sustainability Report 2020

What’s new?

Greenhouse gas emissions reduction

Since 2010 we have achieved a 76% reduction in absolute greenhouse gas emissions. This milestone was reached because of our continued investments into renewable electricity.
Another push towards this goal surprisingly came from the Covid-19 pandemic: with the travel restrictions imposed all over the world our greenhouse gas emissions dropped.
We expect our environmental footprint to rise up once we start travelling again, however, we are also committed to slow this increase as much as possible in the future – and make our conferences even more sustainable!

The CDP score

In 2020 we have Increased our CDP score to A- and attained Leadership level in CDP Climate and CDP Forest (Timber) programmes.
CDP is the largest non-profit charity monitoring the planet-saving efforts of companies, cities, states and other entities. For us it’s an honor to be recognized by this organization.


Last year we have launched a new Beautanicals range of products – the first Oriflame body range approved by The Vegan Society™. All rinse-off formulations are biodegradable, and the products are created without parabens, silicones and mineral oils. In addition are all bottles made of 100% recycled plastic.

Feedback from Brand partners

84% of Brand Partners consider Oriflame as a good opportunity to earn an additional income.
In the Oriflame Global Brand Tracking 2020 we added social and environmental attributes to the study to understand if Oriflame is perceived as environmentally and socially responsible.

Charities & efforts to help

During 2020, Oriflamians across the world joined forces to raise donations of more than €300,000 through various charitable actions in support of those fighting and affected by the Covid-19 virus.
Among those actions were help to the hospitals treating Covid patients, support of orphans and children at risk and even lending our lab equipment to the researchers studying the virus.