Successful People

We are committed to creating opportunities for people to improve their lives.

Social responsibility is important for Oriflame because of the impact and potential influence we have on people around the world. Through our employees, our Consultants, our suppliers, the communities where we operate and our customers, our business touches millions of lives every day.

Oriflame’s business model creates value by offering people around the world the chance to improve their lives: enabling entrepreneurial opportunities for Oriflame Consultants, attractive career opportunities for employees and a unique shopping experience for customers.

Our commitment to social sustainability is an on-going one, but below are a few highlights of what we have achieved so far.


  • Through bonuses and other forms of recognition we distributed almost €390 million to Consultants in 2017 – the majority of whom are women in developing markets.
  • We have a good gender-balance in our overall workforce with slightly more women (60%) than men (40%) and more than 75 nationalities represented. In 2017, women represented 43% of our top 120 managers.
  • In 2017, Oriflame Foundation raised more than €1 million to children and young women.
  • Through sales of the fragrance Tenderly Promise, Oriflame continued to support World Childhood Foundation. During 2017 we achieved the aim to raise €1 million over a three year period – money which has gone to help children in need.
  • The Net Promoter System program for Oriflame Consultants was successfully introduced in all Oriflame markets by the end of 2017, accordingly our ambition.
  • Our approach to Health and Safety was reshaped and a dedicated function was created at Group level to reflect the Group’s commitment of protecting the Health and Safety of Oriflame employees and Consultants.
  • We started developing the concept of Employee Net Promoter System with the aim of getting continuously feedback from the employees and address improvement areas. The tool will be launched beginning of 2018 in two of our regions.

Beautiful Change

Our way to communicate sustainability efforts

In 2017 we created and launched the Beautiful Change concept. Beautiful Change is a concept that communicates Oriflame’s sustainability initiatives and achievements in a simple, emotional and engaging way. It is the heart of Oriflame’s sustainability communication and the main target group is our Consultants. We want to educate them in the sustainability subject and show that it should not be difficult to make a positive change in the world we live in. It can be as simple as remembering to turn off the tap when you wash your hair. If we all do it – we can truly make a difference. We want to spread a very simple message that can have a very big impact – everyone can Make a Beautiful Change. This is an opportunity for us because many of our Consultants and customers are in markets with low interest and understanding of sustainability issues. That is why one of our most ambitious commitments has been to reduce consumer impact by providing educational information to one million people.

To reach our social sustainability goal we are focusing our efforts in four key areas:

  1. Providing our Consultants with Oriflame’s unique business opportunity 
    Find out what we are doing to empower people to fulfil their dreams

  2. Respect the human rights of those touched by our operations 
    See how we are integrating a strong stance on social and ethical issues across our business