Successful People

We are committed to creating opportunities for people to improve their lives.

Social responsibility is important for Oriflame because of the impact and potential influence we have on people around the world. Through our employees, our Consultants, our suppliers, the communities where we operate and our customers, our business touches millions of lives every day.

Oriflame’s business model creates value by offering people around the world the chance to improve their lives: enabling entrepreneurial opportunities for Oriflame Consultants, attractive career opportunities for employees and a unique shopping experience for customers.

Our commitment to social sustainability is an on-going one, but below are a few highlights of what we have achieved so far.


  • Through bonuses and other forms of recognition we distributed €320 million to Consultants in 2015 – the majority of whom are women in developing markets.
  • Our Oriflame Capabilities framework helps us identify what our company needs from its employees to perform at its best. This helps us recruit, define roles and expectations, design training and help managers assess competence and potential.
  • We have a good gender-balance in our overall workforce with almost equal shares of men and women. Women currently represent 39% of our top 200 managers, and we are taking steps to increase representation of women at higher levels in our company.
  • In 2015, Oriflame Foundation distributed more than €1.1 million to children and young women.
  • During the year, Oriflame’s actions included the donation of more than 90 000 products to local aid organisations around the world. In response to the ongoing refugee crisis in Europe, products such as soaps, shampoos and toothpaste were donated in the heavily most affected countries.
  • During 2015 we conducted an in-depth study assessing the major human rights impacts throughout our business. One outcome is a list of our most salient risks that we are now working to ensure are adequately addressed.
Not only can we use this reach to improve lives, we can also use the power of our networks to facilitate social and environmental progress. This is an opportunity for us because many of our Consultants and customers are in markets with low interest and understanding of sustainability issues. That is why one of our most ambitious commitments in this area is to reduce consumer impact by providing educational information to one million people by 2016. 

To reach our social sustainability goal we are focusing our efforts in four key areas:

  1. Providing our Consultants with Oriflame’s unique business opportunity 
    Find out what we are doing to empower people to fulfil their dreams

  2. Respect the human rights of those touched by our operations 
    See how we are integrating a strong stance on social and ethical issues across our business