Performance Testing

Research and Development

Our vision is to be a leading R&D centre in the direct sales beauty business, creating beauty and wellness solutions that are inspired by nature and powered through the application of advanced science.

Our long-term strategy is fuelled by a strong innovation culture at Oriflame. Driven by our in-house expertise and aligned with strategic external partnerships, we are continuously developing the science of beauty, skin health and wellness to meet the evolving needs of a diverse, global consumer base.

Who we are

In little over 40 years, Oriflame R&D has established an admirable track record in creating innovative, safe and performing products. With world-class facilities in Stockholm and Dublin, our present-day guiding principles are a testament to the integrity of our early approach in product safety, raw material selection, formulation development and application of science.

People have always been at the heart of Oriflame’s success and the same is true in R&D. With an emphasis on attracting the talent that best represents our core values, we employ over 100 scientists with a multi-disciplinary technical expertise from around the globe.

Together, this diverse pool of scientists has considerable collective industry experience and expertise in the following disciplines: Biotechnology, Chemistry, Pharmacology, Skin Biology, Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, Physiology, Food Science, Toxicology, Phytochemistry, Biomedical Science, Engineering & Physical Science, Microbiology, Industrial Biology and Nutraceuticals.

Global Regulatory Affairs and Safety experts also operate from R&D, and our culture of excellence and spirit of discovery is evident in our exceptionally qualified staff.

Our scientists are committed to creating innovative beauty solutions, inspired by nature and refined by science, deeply rooted in our Swedish heritage and culture. As part of our commitment to understanding all our consumers’ skin needs, we collaborate with partners on clinical studies and research projects in Asia and Europe. This helps to reinforce our existing global expertise and ensure our product ranges are adapted to meet the diverse requirements of every consumer.