human rights

Human rights

Oriflame takes a strong stance on social and ethical issues. Should any non-conformances become apparent in our own or our suppliers’ operations, we are committed to act. Compliance at Oriflame is defined as the range of initiatives and tools implemented to safeguard the company’s employees, resources, integrity, reputation and business partners. We comply strictly with the letter and spirit of the law and strive to go above and beyond wherever we can, and always do the right thing.

At Oriflame, we have a zero-tolerance policy for any and all human rights violations, including any form of active or passive corruption, harassment and discrimination.

Our employee Code of Conduct, is supported by several internal policies and sets out the principles that guide how we operate at Oriflame, always with a high level of integrity and a strong ethical and moral conscience. The Code of Conduct and supporting policies are available to all employees, in several languages. This content is also explained to all employees in several ongoing classroom trainings and e-learning courses.

We encourage employees to report concerns and to ask compliance related questions. Employees are regularly reminded that they can address these concerns to their direct manager, or to any other manager in the company. In addition, Oriflame has implemented a compliance-breach reporting mechanism since 2007, guaranteeing confidentiality and protection to employees reporting in good faith. All allegations of breaches of the Oriflame Code of Conduct are reviewed by the Corporate Committee (CEO, Deputy CEO and CFO).

Oriflame is committed to the protection of human rights, including the freedom of association, at all stages in its value chain. Forced labour, child labour and modern slavery are clearly and strictly prohibited within Oriflame. More information on how we address these topics can be found in our Modern Slavery Act Statement. We have a Supplier Code of Conduct that carries over these requirements to our external suppliers. The Supplier Code of Conduct is part of our standard terms of doing business with suppliers.

At Oriflame, we believe that integrating sustainability criteria within procurement practice is an essential part of moving towards a more sustainable value chain. The Oriflame Responsible Sourcing programme for direct suppliers is significant in helping us improve our sustainability performance across our whole value chain. The programme allows us to objectively assess our suppliers on a range of sustainability criteria including human rights.